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Focused Skill Development

The single-biggest skill one can improve and make a major difference in their game is in their ability to handle the puck, and possess it. The ability to be an impact player is directly related to your ability to handle the puck and make plays.

Your ability to handle the puck well dictates your ability to make plays with your stick: encompassing passing, shooting and stickhandling. Our goal is to develop our players’ stickhandling ability through a variety of on-ice instruction and, at-home stickhandling homework and exercises that will lead to a major improvement in your game. If you want to make a difference in your game – breakfast club is how you accomplish it.



Skill Development

  • Stickhandling (Main Focus)
  • Multi-Directional
  • Attacking the Triangle 
  • Puck Protection 
  • Fakes and Deceptive Moves


  • Shooting & Passing (Secondary Focus)
  • Passing:
  • Forehand and Backhand Passing & Receiving
  • Saucer Passes (Forehand & Backhand)
  • Indirect Passes & One-Touch Passes 


  • Shooting 
  • Snap Shot 
  • Wrist Shot
  • Slap Shot 
  • Fake Shots 
  • Backhand
  • One-Timers

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