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LTS Programs Are Back!

Ice Barn is pleased to offer new Learn to Skate programs for skaters of all ages. Learn to Skate is the perfect way to learn or brush up on basic skills (like correct falling and stopping), so the skater can safely and confidently enjoy the benefits of ice skating.


Sundays February 25th through April 24 from 3:00pm to 4:30pm 

(Group 1) 3:00pm-3:30pm; Free Practice time 3:30pm-3:45pm 

(Group 2) 3:45pm-4:15pm; Free Practice time 4:15pm-4:30pm 

*Class times will be assigned based on enrollment*




Knee Pads

Elbow Pads




*Rental hockey skates available for LTS*

Warm Clothing *No Snow Suits*

Learn To Skate USA Membership

— Class Listings & Descriptions —


For Beginners up to 5 years old.


For Beginners ages 6-14 years old

Aside from age differences, both Snowplow Sam 1-4 and Basic 1 are Introductory levels; Skaters will be learning how to march, sit-stand up, snowplow stop, glide on the ice, and begin backwards skating. 


*If you have previously passed Snowplow Sam 4 or Basic 1, you are then eligible to move up to Basic 2. *

Skaters will be learning variations of one-foot glides, swizzles, two foot turns in place, and moving snowplow stops.


Skaters will be learning variations of proper stroking techniques on the ice along with various skills around a circle. Skaters will also be learning backwards stops and backwards 1-foot glides.


Skaters will be learning variations of proper forward edges and crossovers on a circle, beginning steps of backward crossovers/edges, and beginner two-foot spins.


Skaters will be learning variations of backward edges and crossovers on a circle, three-turns, hockey stops, and advanced two-foot spins.



Skaters will be learning variations of inside three-turns, backwards to forwards stroking/turns, beginner one-foot spins, bunny hops, and spirals. 



Must have passed Basic 6 to be in this Level. Skills will focus on: Backward Crossovers, Beginner Edges, Mohawks, Beginner Spins, Beginner Jumps.



Must have passed Pre-Freeskate; Skills will focus on: Power Stroking, Edges, Three-turns, Upright Spin, Jumps.



Skills will focus on: Spirals, Edges, Inside Three-turns, Beginner Back Spin, Jumps.

— LTS Director Information —

Christina Zaitev

Christina Zaitev

LTS Director


Christina is a former International competitor and U.S. National Team Member and one of the former Learn to Skate Directors for Winter Club of Indy. She competed in the Junior Grand Prix series in Latvia, Belarus, and Croatia (2013-2014). She is a two time National Champion in Pairs Figure Skating, in addition to Winning and Medaling in numerous Sectional and Regional Championships.

Christina has assisted and coached with PSA Master Rated, World and Olympic Coach Serguei Zaitsev and National Coach Elena Zaitsev at the Indiana/World Skating Academy and Indy Central FSC (Indianapolis, IN;2014-2019). She furthered freestyle coaching in Watertown, NY, as well as leading Power Classes and coaching in the Learn to Skate program for The Figure Skating Club of Watertown (2019-2022). In addition to coaching, she has obtained her Associates Degree in Business and is furthering her education in Marketing. With 19 years of experience in competitive figure skating and 8 years of coaching, her specialty areas include Freestyle and Pairs skating/elements, Stroking/skills, and Choreography.

Natalie Webb

Natalie Webb

Natalie Webb has been coaching figure skating for over 10 years. She mentored under Master Rated coaches in St. Paul, MN before moving to Indianapolis for graduate school. As a skater, she achieved the distinction of Triple Gold Medalist by completing the highest level tests in Freestyle, Skating Skills, and Ice Dance. She specializes in skating skills and freeskating.

— Frequently Asked Questions —

Where would I go to get Ice skates?

We would recommend for new skates go to Pure Hockey (next to Kohl’s near 31 and 146th) or Play it Again Sports for used skates. Please know that skates typically run a size smaller than a regular shoe size.

Do I need a Learn to Skate USA Membership? 

YES, LTS USA membership is required every year (July 1st – June 30th) Members receive a welcome packet, as well as a magazine and secondary sport accident insurance. You can sign up for your membership through learntoskateusa.com and clicking Sign up, then Skater/ Parent of a skater.

What class do I sign up for? 

Beginners ages 4-5 enroll in Snowplow Sam 1. Beginners ages 6-14 enroll in Basic 1. If you have taken classes previously and are not sure what level to be placed in, we will help redirect you to your correct class on the first day.

My child wants to play hockey. Is Learn to Skate the right program for them? 

Yes! Skaters will have the choice to choose either hockey or figure skates. After mastering Basic 1 and Basic 2, they can then transfer to our Learn to Play hockey program or an instructional league.

What do I need to wear? 

We recommend dressing in warm, comfortable clothes along with warm socks and gloves. Helmets are required.

What is included in the price of the class I signed up for? 

Class fees include 30 minutes of weekly instruction, along with 15 minutes of practice time after your class, which will be monitored by our coaches.

Can I make up a missed class? 

We are currently unable to provide make up classes.

What do I need to do on the first day? 

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class starting to allow enough time to sign in, collect your rental skates, and get yourself ready for your class.


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